Welcome to my website about my psychotherapy practice. Although I will maintain this website, I am no longer accepting new clients. I am still available for continuing and returning clients through September, 2016. I will then close my private practice. I am pleased to be moving into a phase of  life where I can focus on creative writing, as well as leading occasional workshops and retreats. My next retreat, Ourselves, Growing Older: A Creative Retreat is at beautiful Chinook on Whidbey Island on May 13-15. Information about the retreat is available at creative commitment.com and about Chinook at www.whidbeyinstitute.org.

At the heart of my approach is an attitude of respectful listening, kindness and a creative approach to helping couples and individuals live with more love, vitality and integrity.  I have nearly four decades of experience in Seattle as a therapist and educator/trainer of therapists.  My areas of expertise include therapy and education with heterosexual and lesbian couples (with a primary orientation of Emotionally Focused Therapy/EFT), therapy for individuals in transition, leadership and personal development consultation and training, creative writing as a tool for personal growth, and transformational learning. My therapeutic approach is humanistic, collaborative and conversational.  My caring and nonjudgmental approach is intended to deepen the feeling of kindness in each client toward the person he or she is now.

With couples, my focus is to help each couple find a way to live on the inside of love in a sustaining and creative way. I hope my work with couples helps each person to become more authentic, curious, flexible, self-aware, and creative as individuals and in their relationship.  

I enjoy incorporating expressive ways of knowing, such as creative writing and sketching, to nurture and  strengthen lively engagement with oneself, one’s loved ones, and one’s world. I practice and believe in  brief, daily creative practices as a powerful and accessible way to enrich one’s life.

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